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Doing What’s Needed

Most of our efforts pertaining to this program involve studying new approaches and developing innovative ways to implement healing one step at a time through bible scripture and prayer.

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Keep Your Focus

Today I read a very encouraging story.  The story was "Take the rock away!"  I thought I would share it.  A king of a very large population decided to do an experiment to find a brave man capable of facing obstacles and receiving a reward in return. -

After a few minutes he was able to notice how the merchants and wealthiest people of the entire population passed through that place and all they did was go around the huge rock. Others, for their part, remained watching it and complaining to the king for not keeping the roads clear, but none made an effort to remove it.

It was then that a peasant arrived carrying a cart full of vegetables; He left the cart on the ground and studied for a few moments the large rock that prevented him from passing. So he decided to move it, pushing it and putting all his effort to get the rock out of the way.

After a few minutes and after being tired, he managed to move it from the place. While he was picking up the wagon to continue on his way, he found a bag full of money, accompanied by a note from the king that read: “For your effort and for not giving up in pushing the rock out of the way, this is your reward.”

Consider This

During my time of mediation, many in the story did different things beside trying to remove the rock. In life we do not always want to face the rock in the middle of the road. We find ways to get around it.  Some might say it too painful to push it out the way just go around it or maybe some might say I'll just blame someone else.  So, we refuse to remove the rock(issue) through pray and sometime though fasting. So, we leave the rock (issues) until it becomes numb in our live. Leaving the enemy access to our heart. Instead of letting the King Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ reward us for pushing(praying) until the rock (issues) is out the way. Face the rock and never leave it in the middle of the rock. (Face the issue or issues never leave them in the middle of your heart.)

God is the one who will give you the strength to overcome any obstacle, since for Him there is nothing impossible; trust what His word says in Philippians 4:13.


Worry is a cycle of inefficient thoughts whirling around a center of fear. –

Corrie Ten Boom

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